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Are Antiques Still Popular?

Antique Sign

Why are antiques still popular? Well, let’s start by identifying what is

considered an antique.

An antique is a collectible object such as a piece of furniture, work of

art or an item that is of value because of its considerable age. Merriam

Webster dictionary considers an antique “being from the style or

fashion of former times”.

Antiques are popular today for many reasons, including the nostalgia

one may feel when they recognize an item from days gone by, the

quality of the piece or simply the charm and character found in

antiquities. At The Local, we have a wide array of antiques and take

pride in our range of inventory. We are always sourcing and adding to

our collection.

Just as the shop owner enjoys the thrill of the hunt, sourcing and

creating a collection of antiques to showcase, the bargain hunter and

antique enthusiast also enjoys the search. From cloisonne to ice saws

to Victorian chairs to wash boards there are treasures to be found for

everyone. As many antiques as there are to be discovered are there

uses and intentions for seeking.

With our selection of antiques there are endless options what you can do with them, including refinishing, being put on display, accenting a room, being repurposed or added to a collection. Of course they can simply be used as originally intended!

Unique textures, exotic designs and rich back stories are just a few reasons to incorporate antique/vintage items in to your home. As you peruse an antique store you’ll be able to enjoy artifacts from all around the world showcasing many different artistic styles and influence from the eras. We guarantee there is something for everyone when you take the time to investigate and poke around in our antique shop.

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