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The Local of Louis Creek Storefront with Cari Crawford

The Local of Louis Creek
Artisan Market

Antiques, Collectibles & More

You will find something for everyone here at the Local!  My vision was to open a welcoming and friendly space where there was "something for everyone," where the whole family could feel at ease.  My mandate is to source inventory from local talent and we are proud to boast an eclectic assortment of inventory including such treasures as antiques, pottery, honey, art, stones and gems, vintage items, spices, jams and jellies as well as Belgian chocolate to name just a sample of what we have in store. 

Antiques for sale

Latest Additions

We are continually sourcing antiques so our antique inventory is regularly updated.  At the Local we ensure out top selling artisan items are kept stocked and as we grow continue to welcome new artists, talent and product to our shop.

Our Story

The Local of Louis Creek Artisan Market is a second-generation business, born of The Country Store Antiques.  Dad ran a successful antique store for 15 years in the location I now proudly house my business in. 

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and I believe putting this business together was in my stars all along.  The building the store calls home housed my Dad's antique store for 15 years.  After he retired two years ago the building sat empty.  I have had a very successful teaching career and last spring came to the conclusion I was needing to switch things up with my career to allow for more creativity and self-direction in my life.  In April I set ideas and actions in motion to launch a July 1 2021 open date.  I absolutely love what I am doing!  Every second of this journey has been exciting, fulfilling, creative and rewarding.  I described it to a friend as "Christmas every day."  I am creating a space where people feel welcome - welcome to come and just browse (the antiques and vintage items often lead people down memory lane) find the perfect gift or that "I just have to have" item for themselves.  I get to meet and communicate with customers every day, connect with artists and creators and fill my space with unique, whimsical and beautiful items.

Antique market with items for sale


Pinegrove Campground

Such a beautiful authentic and well organized antique store. I could seriously spend an entire day browsing. Have found quite a few great finds both personal and business. I always encourage my campers to go and check them out. The ice cream they now sell in the summer is an added bonus! Such a valuable business in our community!

Mike G

Awesome antique store. We picked up an old forge blower to use for our fire pit. City hipsters would have a field day with some of the old parts here.

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